ÉPICO Studios comports itself under the notion set forth by the greatest creative director in the history of design: Leonardo da Vinci, who said, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

The irony in this statement is how intricate da Vinci’s works were, and yet, his work provoked such simple thoughts of family, unity, awareness, humor, honor and pride — while at the same time inspiring feverishly inventive imagination by countless designers and artists for centuries to come. The same principles should be applied to all brands, especially sports brands, and most of all — Branding the Beautiful Game.

It is with these distinctions and philosophies that ÉPICO Studios was born, and it is with these ideas that ÉPICO Studios will direct and collaborate with its clients to make strong, solid brand developments, unparalleled creative design solutions and deliver strong management of all project resources to continue the expansion of soccer as the Beautiful Game to the North American Population.

What makes ÉPICO’s philosophy and approach the best value for your investment is the unique backgrounds of its group and partners. Specifically, ÉPICO is the only soccer-focused sports branding agency that has seen its principal member work his way up the ranks of a professional sports league, eventually to team up with multiple high-level and veteran partners within the industry to create a branding agency that knows the ins and outs of league- and team-level branding needs. ÉPICO’s perspective of understanding the internal process of sports front office environments and creative departments gives it a unique ability to anticipate client wants and needs, to navigate through budgetary restraints, changing timelines, politics, policy and ultimately to establish a true collaborative relationship between client and vendor to obtain optimal marketing solutions.